mercoledì 18 ottobre 2017

9.20.1 Direction Box 2.08 Full By Spoter (two colors)

9.20.1 AutoAIM And Snapping By Chodak Krzysztof

9.20.1 SpeedTree For Slow PC's (50%,25% and 100% leafs)

9.20.1 3D Sphere Beyond Render Range By Stealthz

9.20.1 Red Pole By Stealthz

9.20.1 Tundra Script & BlackSky By Makct (.exe file) BlackWoT Mods 9.9.4 by Polar Fox (BlackWoT)

by Polar Fox (BlackWoT)
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included 2 aimbots!!! EWA AimBOT Gen.2 By PolarFox

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Changes in the EWA 2 module :

    – Fixed a bug with a hot key

    – Added option to disable text inscriptions

    – Added option to disable shot blocking

    – Deceleration slowed down in case of target jerks

    – minor edits AutoAim BlackWoT by SAE

Improved auto-aim. Allows you to see enemies behind obstacles, to capture them in sight and behind obstacles to direct sight proactive(taking into account the speed of technology and projectile). Allows you to target the places with the thinnest armor. Indispensable for shooting with artillery at moving enemies.